Debbie here: I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.  Now we can count the days until spring.  The December meeting with our Lambda State Ambassador, Carol Francis, was a great success.  The music, the food, the camaraderie – everything was outstanding.  The ambassador’s report reflects all the positive affects of our meeting and our chapter.  The lengthy check-list responds to specific actions within the areas of membership, communications, program, and resource development.  All of the specifics will be discussed at the February meeting.  Hope to see you there.



Maria here:  As Debbie says, we received encouraging feedback about our Beta Rho chapter in the follow-up report from our State Ambassador. And our State representatives plan to “take a closer look” at some of our suggestions regarding the forms and procedures used in visitations and our comments in the 2010 annual report. Congratulations to all!

As for counting the days until spring, there are only forty-some left, so hang in there, everyone.  And don’t forget that Lambda State’s 76th Annual Convention in O’Fallon is only two months away–April 8-10th.  Debbie and Kathy Zeller and I have already registered to attend.  Check the State website for registration forms and deadlines:

While you’re at it, before you come to Beta Rho’s February 7th meeting on “Legislative Issues,” follow the links on our State website to “What’s New in Lambda State,” and check out the websites that help you to track federal and state legislation.

There really is a wealth of useful information available on the website.  In fact, those of you who have computers should take a moment to “bookmark” our State site and our International site (


See you on the 7th!