After refreshments, the meeting was called to order at 4:55 by Co-President, Debbie Habas.

Ann Bates gave us the thought for the day. 

There were no changes to the secretary’s report.  It was accepted as published.

The treasurer’s report shows a balance in checking of $1726.91.  The Jeanette Drake Memorial Fund shows a balance of $3717.89


Old business included the presentation of the official Literacy Award to Kathy Hermansen.


New Business included:

            1.  Committee chairs–published online

            2.  Discussion of committee chairs collaborating with other committees and using the newsletter.

            3.  State visit will be on December 8

            4.  Debbie Habas will attend the Lambda State Executive Board meeting at the end of September

            5.  Proposed budget was accepted as read by Barb Ott. The insurance problem was discussed again, but no solution is in sight.

            6.  Committee reports included:

                        Ann Bates–to continue the 50/50 raffle and rotating the thought for the day

                        Kathy Hermansen asked members to check information (name & address, teaching assignment, etc.) for 2010-2011 yearbook

                        Mona Wilson–Creative Arts Retreat in Oregon, Illinois, in October; Lemont Center for Arts 9/18; Civil War Days in Lockport, 9/11&12;  Schumann Concert at JJC on Sunday

                        Audrey Manley read a thank you note from Sara Smith, 2010 Education Grant winner

                        50/50 raffle results–total of $86.00

                                    Jo  Connor won $15.00

                                    Kay Fox won $10.50

                                    Bonnie McBeth won $10.50

                                    Bev Beck won $7.00

                        Marge Mostyn–Writing Group-getting to know each other


The Business Meeting was adjourned and the program began:

Maria Contos read a letter from Beth Maleski about her reading program at her school. Beth was unable to attend the meeting.

Margaret Juraco engaged our math brains by introducing us to Sudoku and giving us tips on solving these puzzles. 

Maria Contos stimulated our writing brains by using pictures to help us recall details from our past and writing stories using these details


The meeting closed with singing the DKG song.


Respectfully submitted,


Judy Boylan