The Beta Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma held their November meeting at the Plainfield Congregational United Church of Christ at Route 59 and Fraser Road in Plainfield, Illinois.  Twenty two members and one guest were present.

The hostesses were Eileen Diercks, Sherry Engledow, Bonnie McBeth, and Carole Slaybaugh.  Refreshments were served at 4:30 p.m.

Debbie Habas called the meeting to order at 4:58 p.m.

Kay Fox gave the thought for the day.

Condolences were given to Mona Wilson on the death of her mother.

Dr. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant was congratulated for her reelection to the office of Will County Superintendent of Schools.

The minutes of the October meeting were approved as published.

The treasurer reported a balance of $5195.91 in the checking account and $3724.07 in the Jeannette Drake Memorial Fund CD.

Old Business:

 Books donated by our members are available to other members for any donation.

 We are looking for names for a community awardee.  Marge Mostyn nominated JoAnn Drake.  The executive board will include her name when considering a candidate.

Debbie said that she has all committee reports and will be sending them to Carol Francis, our ambassador.

New Business:

Marge Mostyn reported that the Membership Committee is working on finding new faces and younger members.  She would like to see more interest groups formed within Beta Rho to entice new members and to help us know each other better.

 Ann Bates and Kathy Hermansen are looking into the possibility of using Facebook as an additional internet site for Beta Rho.

Mona Wilson announced many art and musical activities that are going on in the Joliet, Lockport, and Plainfield areas this month.

Maria Contos reported news from Lambda State.  The 2011 convention is April 8 -10 in O’Fallon, Illinois.  The preconvention tour will explore the Mississippi River area.  Hotel rooms are $105.00 per night.

JoAnn Drake alerted all members to watch for news coming out of Springfield about our pensions.

Kathy Hermansen asked that she be notified about all yearbook changes and corrections.

Ann Bates reminded us that she will be in the Romeoville High School parking lot before the December meeting so she can collect our gifts for Groundwork.

 Bonnie McBeth was tapped by Kay Fox to provide the thought for the day for December.

The business meeting was concluded with the singing of the Delta Kappa Gamma song.

Kathy Hermansen introduced Phil Glotfelty, the auctioneer for the annual fundraiser.


Respectfully submitted,


Patty Strobbe, substituting for Judy Boylan, secretary