The business meeting was called to order by President Maria Contos at 5:20 p.m. following the program of Christmas carols provided by the Romeoville High School Madrigals.  Refreshments were provided by the meeting chairperson Jan Staniszewski and her co-chairs Maria Contos and Kathy Zeller and hostesses Debbie Habas and Kathleen Hermansen.

              President Maria Contos introduced the Lambda State ambassador, Carol Francis, and on behalf of J.G.Whittier, thanked everyone for their generous donations to Groundwork.  Our thought for the day was given by Bonnie McBeth.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved with no changes.

There was no correspondence to report.

The Treasurer’s Report showed income from the auction of $1648.00 with a total in checking of $6700.18.  After expenses of $2935.00, the current balance in checking is $3765.18.  The Jeanette Drake Memorial Fund shows a balance of $3727.21 for a total balance of $7492.39.  It was respectfully submitted by Kathleen Zeller, Treasurer.

Old Business included convention forms and a Literacy Committee suggestion of Good Reads for the state chapter newsletter.

Committee reports:

Finance: Barbara Ott—Insurance at lower cost is still being researched

Membership: Marge Mostyn— Searching for creative ideas for getting new members.

Personal Growth & Services: Ann Bates—Searching for Grant recipients. 

Professional Affairs/Scholarship: Audrey Manley—Sending letters to college deans making them aware of the education grant opportunity.  Awarded $1000 in 2010. 

Women in the Arts & Music: Mona Wilson—Keeping abreast of cultural events happening in our area and announcing at meetings.

Communications: Kathleen Hermansen—Will update the Beta Rho website.  Considering a Beta Rho facebook page.

Literacy:  Carole Slaybaugh and Sherry Engledow—Seeking nominees for the Beta Rho Literacy award

Historian:  Jan Staniszewski—is still recuperating and sent a letter to be read.

There were no reports from Program or Legislation committees.

New Business:

Carol Francis stated that we are an active chapter with awards for literacy and education grants along with a bridge group and a writing group.  Our yearbook is a great resource.  She also enjoyed the thought for the day and commented positively about our website.  Our finances are in great shape.  Do we need to update our standing rules since they were updated in 2008?  Can we ask for CPDU’s for meetings and/or membership?

The Executive Board Meeting will be held on Feb. 5 at Maria Contos’ home.

The meeting was concluded with the singing of the Delta Kappa Gamma song.


Respectfully submitted,


 Judy Boylan, Secretary