The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. at Romeoville High School.

Kathy Zeller introduced the Madrigal Singers from RHS and their director, David Saunders.

After the wonderful Christmas program, the business meeting was held.  Our president, Beth Maleski, welcomed our state visitor, Nancy Louck.  She was impressed by our communication efforts and thanked the chapter for helping at the international convention this year.


The thought for the day was given by Marge Mostyn from the Daily Book of Positive Quotes.


The minutes of the November meeting were approved.


There was no correspondence.


The treasurer’s report was approved.   The auction receipts were $2110.00, and the total income for the month was $2,155.00.  Expenses totaled  $186.44 leaving a balance of $2,762.90 in checking.


Committee reports began with:

            Barb Ott, Finance Committee—still  researching the problem of costly insurance.

            Maria Contos—discussed the Standing Rules changes

            Kathy Hermansen, Communications Committee—email of the newsletter is up to 64%

            Ann Bates, Personal Growth & Services Committee—Different members will do the thought     for the day at meetings.  sending notes and cards to members, supporting the grant in aid                     program and Groundwork.

            Debbie Habas, Program Committee—creative projects, informative topics, the increasing cost   of  programs and donations.

            Carol Slaybaugh, Literacy Committee—selling books at meetings.

            Membership Committee—committee chair still needed.  Nancy Louck mentioned a member-    ship luncheon  for initiation that is being planned.  Lambda State would like to have one new          member from each chapter

            Eileen Diercks, Nominations—mentoring new members.

            Audrey Manley, Professional Affairs and International projects—Malawi project, support for    teachers in Afghanistan

            Bev Beck, Legislation—websites for educators are on website and in the Beta Rho Briefs


Beth Maleski reminded the members of dates to remember before our next meeting.  She wished everyone a Merry Christmas, and the meeting was closed with the singing of the Delta Kappa Gamma song.


Respectfully submitted,




Judy Boylan,