Ladies –

It’s auction time!  On Tuesday, November 9th, our Beta Rho program will once again feature our annual auction.  Auctioneer Phil Glotfelty will coax the highest bids from the buyers, and proceeds from the auction will go towards our Education Grant.
Members will arrive at the meeting with boxes and bags full of Christmas decorations, hats, scarves, and other hand-crafted items.  Homemade jellies, jams, cookies, and pies, as well as our favorite ethnic specialties–all are popular auction items. Restaurant and entertainment venue gift certificates will be auctioned off in the “silent auction” part of the event.
Oh, I almost forgot!  Visitors welcome!

This month, Debbie and I decided to focus on two Beta Rho activities that take place outside of our regular meeting times:  The Bridge Club and the Writer’s group.   Debbie is a member of the former, and I of the latter.
Presently our Writer’s group members include Jo Connor, Margaret Juraco, Sheila Kennedy, Marge Mostyn, and yours truly.  We meet throughout the year in the student center at Lewis University on a more-or-less monthly basis .   We write on topics related to personal reminiscences, and then share our writing in a round robin discussion group.  The accent is on shared experiences, and we never know exactly where our conversations will take us.  New members are always welcome.                –Maria



Debbie here:

My experience with Beta Rho auxiliary groups began after my retirement in 2005. I was asked if I happen to play bridge. I responded that I had actually taken a P.E. class in college entitled “games,” and one of the games I learned was bridge. I further explained that college was a long time ago. “Not to worry,” several members said. “We will help you.” Hesitantly, I went to my first bridge get-together. I was greeted enthusiastically, and served tea (my hot drink of choice) and a wonderful dessert. Conversation was lively and interesting. Although I had worried about how much “help” I would receive, the worry was wasted energy. Anyone from the opposite table (usually 2 tables of four) was more than willing to give me advice on a particular play. Through the years, I have become a more confident player. I am very glad I took the opportunity to join this wonderful group of ladies. Anyone is welcome to join, and bridge meets on the second Thursday of the month at 12:30 p.m.