Seven Purposes of The Delta Kappa Gamma

  • To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship
  • To honor women who have given or who evidence a potential for distinctive service in any field of education
  • To advance the professional interest and position of women in education
  • To initiate, endorse, and support desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interests of education and of women educators
  • To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to women educators from other countries:
  • To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action
  • To inform the members of current economic, social political, and education issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society

Seven Banners

One of the major projects of Beta Rho has been the designing and creation of seven banners which are works of art symbolizing the seven purposes of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society. The banners have been displayed at the Lambda State Convention, the 1993 Northeast Regional Convention in Chicago, and the International Convention in Nashville in 1994. They were used as illustrations for the 1994-1998 Program Manual, and the third banner illustrating the purpose to advance women in education was featured on the cover of the Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin for the winter issue of 1994.

The Profit from the sale for the patterns of the banners which have been sold over 18 states and Canada, goes to the Jeanette Drake Memorial Fund. The interest from this fund is used for a portion of our chapter grant-in-aid.

Patterns for the seven banners are available for $25 (US) by contacting Beta Rho.

Ongoing Activities

Beta Rho Chapter has actively supported Groundwork, a local shelter for battered women and children. We have donated books and a bookcase to the shelter’s reading resource room as a memorial to Beta Rho member Kathryn Nelsen, a former reading teacher in the Plainfield School District. Our members continually add titles and a variety of resource materials to this bookcase.

Our recruitment grant is awarded each year to deserving female college students of junior and senior status who are majoring in education and attend one of the local colleges. The total amount awarded in 10 years has been $4000.